Let’s take a minute to talk about where you sit – or more specifically, where your employees sit. Cubicles have been the de facto office organizer for most businesses since the 1960’s. These partitions were originally designed to allow employees to retain a certain degree of privacy in an otherwise open, communal floor plan. They […]

When it comes to marketing your company through social media, it pays to be creative. The weirder, wilder and more ridiculous your tactics, the better chance you have at getting noticed – and the more you’re noticed, the more business you’ll receive. For instance, here are five examples of highly creative social media stunts that […]

Everyone’s excited about startups these days – and for good reason. With the economy climbing back to pre-recession levels, there’s never been a better time for an entrepreneur to start their own business. Startups are hip, they’re trendy, and if run correctly they can be extremely profitable. However, starting your own company isn’t as easy […]

If your small business wants to hire wisely, then you need to interview your job applicants wisely.  And if you want to interview wisely, you need to be more creative than simply asking a candidate where they see themselves in five years. Those old and clichéd interview questions that so many business owners seem to […]

Working Outside

You probably thought that working from home would be a breeze. Maybe you had visions of yourself enjoying a coffee in your pajamas on your back deck while typing away on that financial report. The idea of working from home calls to mind the ultimate freedom at work. However, if you didn’t use a little […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of an LLC

by Roger on January 12, 2013

in Administrative

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SOME OF THE ADVANTAGES OF A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY: 1. Pass-through taxation – Profits taxed at the member level, not at the LLC level. 2. An LLC can elect to be taxed as a sole proprietor, partnership, S-Corporation or C Corporation, providing much flexibility. 3. There is no requirement of an annual general meeting for […]

Tax Tip for the Self-employed!

by Roger on November 5, 2012

in Administrative

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Many self-employed people use vehicles in the operation of their business. As most people know, the expenses connected with this use is a deductible business expense. There are some strict guidelines which one must follow to substantiate this deduction if required. Most importantly, it is an absolute must that you follow specific recordkeeping requirements. You […]

Registered Agents

by Roger on October 24, 2012

in Administrative

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Whenever a corporation or limited liability company is formed in any state, one of the requirements is to designate a registered  agent. Most people have no idea what a registered agent is. Simply put, a registered agent is a person designated to officially receive and send legal papers on behalf of a business entity, a […]

Do I Need a Budget?

by Roger on October 18, 2012

in Administrative

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Over the years I have been working with a wide variety of businesses, the one thing I’ve noticed that always seems to make or break a business is budgeting. Every one that starts their own enterprise strives to be profitable. Basically, a budget is developed to make an estimation of possible expenditures and income for […]

Franchise Tax

by Roger on October 12, 2012

in Administrative

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Many entities at formation are unaware of the fact that many states have a minimum tax on the entity regardless of whether there is a profit or a loss. While each state has its own terminology, the common name is a franchise tax. A franchise tax is one that  imposes a tax on a domestic […]