Terms and Conditions of Sale

The primary function of Speedy Incorporation & LLC is to assist you in completing the necessary documents to form a corporation or a limited liability company. The information we obtain is used to complete the necessary documents that are required by the state you select. We are not an accounting or legal firm, and do not provide any type of accounting or legal advice.

Furthermore, no representations or warranties, express or implied, are given regarding the legal, accounting or other consequences resulting from the use of our services. The information we provide here is provided as general information only and should not be a substituted for legal advice from an attorney or financial advice from an accountant familiar with the facts and circumstances of your particular situation.
Once your order is placed, the process can be cancelled with a complete refund less a processing fee of $ 25.00 as long as the documents have not been processed. If the documents have already been processed by Speedy Incorporation & LLC, a refund less a $ 75.00 processing fee will be issued. Any changes or cancellations of orders must be done via email and will only be accepted if the order has not been filed with the state.

Once the documents have been submitted to the appropriate state agency, no refund will be issued. Once all required documents have been filed and ordered products, seal & corporate kit delivered, Speedy Incorporation & LLC has no further obligations and it is the responsibility of the corporation or LLC to make sure that the business entity complies with all federal, state, and local laws.

Speedy Incorporation & LLC cannot vouch for the processing times of each state as formation times can vary greatly. Some states can process orders in a number of hours, while others may take 7 to 8 weeks. Speedy Incorporation & LLC is not responsible for the processing times or processing procedures of any state or state agency where documents may be filed. Speedy will process your order within 24 hours of receiving it and submit it to the state you choose. Should your order form be filled out incorrectly or incompletely, the processing times will be longer. Please use the help boxes if you have any questions when completing the order form or email us with any questions prior to submitting your order.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are authorizing Speedy Incorporation and LLC to act as your agent in your behalf to file the requested documents to form a corporation or limited liability company, change of registered agent or request for a certificate of standing.  You are also authorizing Speedy Incorporation and LLC to apply for, in your behalf, and receive an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service, when part of your order, and file all required documents with the respective states department of revenue or taxation, when part of your order.