Marketing is something that every business needs not only to do, but to do well to survive. Below are marketing slogans of the past and present. Some companies did a great job of making us remember them, while others did a great job making us remember their jingles or slogans, but not their products. Others still simply missed the mark.

The slogans below were not chosen because they were successful or unsucessful. This is a triva quiz and we couldn’t make the answers too easy by asking you what companies created slogans like “Just do it.” – we wanted to challenge your mind, while at the same time driving home the point that not all advertising campaigns leave a mark, even though some of the companies behind them did.

1) "Should a woman have to worry about tires? ____ says no!" ( unknown )

a) Michelin
b) Goodyear
c) BF Goodrich
d) Dunlop

2) "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking." ( 1956 )

a) Fossil
b) Swiss Watch Co.
c) Timex
d) Rolex

3) "Reassuringly expensive." ( 1981 )

a) Stella Artois
b) Moosehead
c) Fosters
d) Heineken

4) "Every bubble’s passed its fizzical." ( 1970′s )

a) 7-Up
b) Coca Cola
c) Pepsi
d) Corona

5) "Let your fingers do the walking." ( 1964 )

a) AT&T
b) Yellow Pages
c) General Electronics (GE)
d) Ford Motors

6) "Doesn’t your dog deserve ____?" ( 1980′s )

a) Purina
b) Alpo
c) Breeder’s Choice
d) Iams

7) "Think what we can do for you." ( 1980 )

a) First Fidelity
b) Nations Bank
c) Bank of America
d) Wells Fargo

8) "Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach." ( 1975 )

a) Budweiser
b) Sam Adams
c) Coors
d) Heineken

9) "All the news that’s fit to print." ( late 1800′s, early 1900′s )

a) The New York Times
b) The Boston Globe
c) The Washington Post
d) The Philadelphia Inquirer

10) "The un-cola." ( 1980′s )

a) New Coke
b) Pepsi One
c) 7-Up
d) Sprite

11) "We put the . in" ( 1990′s )

a) Microsoft
b) Sun Microsystems
c) Amazon
d) Alta Vista

12) "Some of our best men are women." ( unknown )

a) U.S. Navy
b) U.S. Marines
c) U.S. Army
d) National Guard

13) "You’re not fully clean until your ____fully clean." ( 1980′s )

a) Zest
b) Irish Spring
c) Dial
d) Ivory

14) "____ makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers." ( 1970′s )

a) Heinz Ketchup
b) Lipton Onion Soup Mix
c) A-1 (steak sauce)
d) Worcestershire (sauce)

15) "The power to be your best." ( 1970′s )

a) IBM
b) Microsoft
c) GE (General Electric)
d) Apple Computers

16) "_______. First man, then machine." ( unknown )

a) Ford Motors
b) Honda
c) General Motors
d) Dodge

17) "Mikey likes it! He really, really likes it!" ( 1970 )

a) Cheerios
b) Raisin Bran
c) Kix Cereal
d) Life Cereal

18) "Play it loud" ( 1994 )

a) Nintendo
b) Sony
c) Atari
d) RCA

19) "For Digestion’s Sake – Smoke ______." ( unknown )

a) Winston
b) Lucky Strikes
c) Marlboro
d) Camel

20) "The browser you can trust." ( 2004 )

a) Netscape
b) Firefox
c) Opera
d) Internet Explorer